How To Synchronize Files Between Mac and PC?


With Dropbox, you can access the same version of a file on Mac and PC that you have linked to your account. We call this ‘synchronization’ and it is the core of what Dropbox does. With synchronization, the latest version of the files is always available on all your devices.


· Download the Dropbox application on your Mac and on your PC.

· Log in to these devices with the same email address and password.

· Add files from any of the System to Dropbox or applications.

If you have already installed Dropbox, you can easily add files to the Dropbox folder to automatically synchronize files with Dropbox. If you synchronize your account for the first time, it may take a few minutes to complete it. Once the process is complete, you will find your files in the Dropbox application on any device connected to your account be it Mac or PC.


Use the same Dropbox account on all your Mac and PC. When installing Dropbox, you will be asked to log in or create a new account. You only need one account, regardless of the number of devices you want to synchronize. To be able to synchronize files, you must log in with the same email address and password on each device you wish to link to your Dropbox account.

Add Files to The “Dropbox” folder on your computer’s hard drive. If you install Dropbox on your computer, you will see the Dropbox folder on your hard drive. This folder works like any other folder on your computer, but with one important difference: the file synchronization in this folder with Dropbox and the files in Dropbox are accessible through this folder.


The Dropbox service checks the Dropbox folder on your computer and the Dropbox mobile applications. If a new file or folder is changed or if an existing folder or file is changed, Dropbox automatically synchronizes those changes. Manual loading is not necessary to download. This means that synchronization takes place automatically, as long as you have an active Internet connection, the Dropbox desktop application is installed, and you are logged in.

Know that If your System is not connected, files are synchronized when the device is back online. Your PC or Mac that is not connected to the Internet are not synchronized with Dropbox. However, a device that is offline will automatically receive file changes from Dropbox when it is back online. And file changes made to an offline device are synchronized again with Dropbox when the device comes back online. And do not worry about closing Dropbox while there is synchronization in progress. Simply summarize where you left off, eleven Dropbox is active again.

Know that Dropbox is synchronized in order of file size. Dropbox gives priority to synchronization (or loading) the size of the file, first starting with the folders and the smallest files in it. This way, you do not have to worry about your smaller files sticking to the bigger ones when you synchronize.

Know that Dropbox cannot synchronize files that are outside the Dropbox folder. Dropbox can only synchronize the files that are in the Dropbox folder or the Dropbox mobile applications. After going to a file or folder in Dropbox, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to access the files from there. However, this does not work the other way around. Making a shortcut in your Dropbox folder to open files in its original location is not compatible with Dropbox.

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