Huawei Phone Repair Dubai

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Diagnosis Time: 30 Minutes

Repair Time: 1 Day

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Huawei Phone Repair in Dubai

Huawei Phone Repair Price List:

Type of Service Price Time
HUAWEI MATE7 Screen Replacement 262 1-2 Days
HUAWEI MATE8 Screen Replacement 264 1-2 Days
HUAWEI MATE9 Screen Replacement 248 1-2 Days
HUAWEI MATES Screen Replacement 370 1-2 Days
HUAWEI NOVA PLUS Screen Replacement 230 1-2 Days
HUAWEI NOVA2 PLUS Screen Replacement 245 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P7 Screen Replacement 215 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P8 LITE Screen Replacement 200 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P9 Screen Replacement 215 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P9 LITE Screen Replacement 210 1-2 Days
HUAWEI G7 Screen Replacement 205 1-2 Days
HUAWEI G8 Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI HUAWEI 6 PLUS Screen Replacement 214 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 5X Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 6X Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y6 Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y6 PRO Screen Replacement 210 1-2 Days
HUAWEI HONOR7 Screen Replacement 229 1-2 Days
HUAWEI HONOR8 Screen Replacement 223 1-2 Days
HUAWEI HONOR8 Screen Replacement 207 1-2 Days
HUAWEI HONOR8 LITE Screen Replacement 205 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P10 Screen Replacement 390 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P10 LITE Screen Replacement 228 1-2 Days
HUAWEI GR3 Screen Replacement 205 1-2 Days
HUAWEI GR5 Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 3C Screen Replacement 208 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 3C LITE Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI G750 Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 4X Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI 4C Screen Replacement 202 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y5II Screen Replacement 203 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y6II Screen Replacement 205 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y3II Screen Replacement 190 1-2 Days
HUAWEI T1-701 Screen Replacement 238 1-2 Days
HUAWEI P9 PLUS Screen Replacement 425 1-2 Days
HUAWEI Y7 PRIME Screen Replacement 228 1-2 Days

Smartphones of one of the largest Chinese companies have very high quality and affordable price. At the same time, their characteristics let competing for the much more expensive devices of premium companies like Samsung and Apple. Huawei phone repair in Dubai is the procedure that no one is secured against. We must admit that the most common damages of Huawei devices are about the same as the common damages of devices of other manufacturers. The fact is that the leading manufacturers of portable electronics use very similar technologies, so Huawei phone repair in Dubai doesn’t differ much from opponent devices. Of course, there is some amount of differences and our service center engineers always take them into account. The specialists of our service center are always ready to provide the highest quality service to your favorite device, no matter how complex is the damage.

How to understand that your phone is out of service

Nobody can be insured against the device damages. Often it happens absolutely unexpected when you could not even imagine that your device functions not as it was designed. No matter how expensive and reliable is your phone, it still needs to be repaired.

Huawei phone repair in Dubai is necessary for the following reasons:

  • You dropped the device on the floor and the screen was damaged — you see cracks, spots, and stripes;
  • The device constantly turns off or reboots;
  • No sound partial or completely (for example, when you cannot hear anything while calling or listening to the audio or watching videos);
  • The defects on the chassis;
  • The system slowed down, there are lots of errors while launching the apps or regular system messages;
  • No Internet connection.

Huawei phone repair in Dubai process

Most of the problems mentioned earlier can be fixed in our service center. For example, we can fix the crack in the glass as fast as just 20 minutes — just call our specialists and we will be able to fix it even at your home! You can fix some software failures yourself, without our professionals, however, we highly recommend not to do that especially if you are not sure about your skills and knowledge. In order to avoid negative consequences, we recommend you to contact the service center. Before the repair works begin, we perform the free Huawei phones diagnostics. We check the device right after you come to our office. In a few minutes, you will get the diagnostic results and a detailed plan for the device functionality restoration. We start performing the repair works only when we completely, agree to the terms and conditions; at the end, we also test the device. The contact center manager will personally call you or send a message when the repair is over.

Why us?

If you need fast, high-quality and inexpensive portable devices maintenance in Dubai, then the services of our service center will be a real godsend for you. Coming to us, you can be sure of our professionalism and responsibility. Our team of qualified specialists is capable to reanimate your device even in the most non-standard situations. The damages complexity does not frighten because we use high-quality spare parts and the latest equipment, that excludes the possibility of an unsuccessful result. Pay attention that our service center provides a warranty for Huawei phone repair in Dubai. Please contact us, we can determine and fix any damage!

Huawei Phone Repair Dubai

Our Services

  • Diagnostics of HUAWEI Smartphones
  • Repair And Replace The HUAWEI Phone Battery
  • Replacing The HUAWEI Phone Touch Screen
  • HUAWEI Phone Firmware Replacing
  • HUAWEI Phone Screen Repair and Replace
  • HUAWEI Phone Microphone Repair and Replace
  • HUAWEI Phone Speaker Repair and Replace 
  • HUAWEI Phone Camera Repair and Replace
  • HUAWEI Phone Charging Connector Repair
  • HUAWEI Phone Earphone Repair and Replacement
  • HUAWEI Phone Repair After Liquid Damage
  • HUAWEI Phone Wifi Adapter Repair
  • Repair of Sim-Holder And Phone Card Reader HUAWEI
  • Replacing HUAWEI Front Camera 
  • Replace HUAWEI Power Button 
  • Replace Phone Volume Buttons HUAWEI
  • HUAWEI Phone Power Controller Repair 

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Very Professional, Trustworthy and Prompt. They offer a free pick-up and delivery service which I was a little skeptical about initially so I opted to go into their store. Upon meeting and interacting with Qasim I was 100% reassured that the service he would provide would be to the highest quality and in my best interest.
The trackpad of my MacBook pro was moving very slowly and wasn't responding well to gestures. I took my laptop into 800 fixing and by the next day they replaced my trackpad and delivered my laptop to my doorstep. I believe that it even took as long as it did because they needed to ensure that the trackpad was completely beyond repair (always looking out for my best interest) Additionally, Qasim personally followed up with me to make sure that everything was in working order after delivery.
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“800 fixing were incredible. They fitted me in around their schedule to ensure my phone was fixed. Very accommodating and efficient. Definitely come back and use this service again. I would highly recommend to my friends too. Thank you!”
"WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed of the 800fixing, Mr. Qasim contacted me on Friday to chat of my needs. He placed the order Saturday and call to confirm it will be at my house on Sunday. I just walked in the house and say my new DELL battery waiting on me.
Can you believe on the shipping package it stated extremely urgent wow wow wow!!!!!!!! Thank you 800fixing and Mr. Qasim for everything you all have done for me. I am a future customer. What a professional, kind, smart and most of all competent company 800fixing is"
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"The screen of my laptop got broken. 800fixing repaired it in less than 1h. They have been professional and provided a pretty good and swift service."
“Dear strangers struggling with IT issues right now, I'd love to show my gratification to 800fixing for all their hard work and efforts. It is not forgotten. I'm a student doing Media, so my laptop is literally my life. I contacted Mr. Qasim on panic-day #1 and he picked up the call even after working hours.
I was freaking out and explained the tragedy that happened to my laptop screen. He was super nice, calmed me down and told me it would all be done in the fastest time possible. And it was. I was shocked with the fantastic price I got, amazing customer service, response time and delivery speed. The staff was extremely friendly, and 100% TRUSTWORTHY. Once again, strangers on the internet. If you're looking for a sign to aid your electronics back to life, this is definitely one, 800fixing was a blessing - goodluck! :)”
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“Very prompt in collecting my laptop. Quick and in depth diagnosis. Kept me updated on the status of my laptop every step of the way, excellent customer service. Received the laptop the day after morning.”

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